WypAll* 41026 X80 Cleaning Wiper, 12 x 12-1/2 in, 50 Sheets Capacity, Hydroknit*, White

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WypAll* Cleaning Wiper, Series: X80, 12 x 12-1/2 in Size, 50 Sheets Capacity, White, Hydroknit*

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  • Features
  • WypAll* X80 cloths in our popular quarterfold format and white color
  • X80 cloths are the cloth of choice for your toughest jobs
  • Heavy industrial tasks, cleaning grease, grime and oil, solvent wiping, cleaning rough surfaces, or any other challenging task are where our X80 cloths play best
  • WypAll* X80 extended use cloths absorb more water and oil than textile rags, are resistant to solvents and are a safer alternative to rental textile shop towels
  • Proprietary Hydroknit* technology is fast absorbing to wick away moisture
  • Durable wipes absorb more water and oil than textile shop rags and stay strong for superior performance
  • Disposable cloths clean oil, dirt, grime and solvents, while remaining resistant to harsh cleaning agents
  • These wipes are fresh and clean every time and are a safer alternative to laundered rental shop towels or cloth rags (which can harbor dangerous chemicals like lead, even after washing, according to a 2013 gradient study)
  • Specifications
  • Application: For heavy duty machine and part wiping, maintenance tasks and prepping surfaces
  • Series: X80
  • Size: 12 x 12-1/2
  • Capacity: 50 Sheets
  • Color: White
  • Material: Hydroknit*
  • UNSPSC: 47131502
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 0
  • UPC: 036000410266