CRC CRC 03083

CRC 03083 Non-Drying Non-Flammable Welders Anti-Spatter Spray, 16 oz Aerosol Can, Emulsion Form, Milky White

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Manufacturer PN: 03083
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CRC Welders Anti-Spatter Spray, Non-Drying Non-Flammable, 16 oz Container, Aerosol Can Container, 221 g/L VOC, Emulsion Form, Milky White

  • Features

  • Prevents spatter from adhering to surrounding metal surfaces during welding
  • Eliminates the need to chisel, grind or wire brush after welding
  • Low odor, water based formula allows easy clean up without the use of solvent cleaners and does not contain silicone
  • Mild petroleum odor
  • 212 deg F boiling point
  • 7 to 8 pH range
  • 14 oz net fill amount
  • Provides spray coating
  • For preventing corrosion to electrical equipment located in wet or harsh environments
  • 10 years of shelf life
ApplicationFor resistance welding tips, MIG, TIG tips, weldments, electrode holders, contact tips, tools, metal molds and bench top splash guards