Dupont DUPONT AC1212

DuPont Sontara AC1212 12" Aerospace Grade Wipes

Manufacturer PN: AC1212
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Finally, a wipe that can take abuse without exhibiting annoying behaviors such as catching on coarse surfaces and then snagging, pulling or fraying. Where there is dirt, there should be wipes. And the DuPont Sontara Aerospace Grade Wipes are among the most versatile you will find. They will clean glass (Sontara Aircraft Windows) and strip painted surfaces. They are soft and porous, yet you can fill them full of paint thinner and they won't shred or disintegrate. These wipes are made for use inside or outside the aircraft, and wipe sizes are shaped for the job.

  • Features

  • Exceptionally clean. Contains no binders, chemical residue, contaminants or metal shavings that can result in surface damage or rework.
  • Higher absorbency rate can result in wiping jobs being completed more quickly.
  • Low-lint performance helps to minimize defects and contamination.
  • Durable, high strength fiber blend makes Sontara aerospace grade wipes less likely to snag on metal parts and sharp corners.
  • Tackles isopropyl alcohol, MEK, MPK, and other aggressive solvents without falling apart.
  • Very absorbent. Fewer wipes needed to complete the task results in fewer wipes to dispose of.


Size12 x 12 in
Length12 in
MaterialCellulose / Polyester
Packing TypeBag